Monday, October 14, 2013

Dorman David

Charles Dorman David- October 27, 1937- September 30 2013

Dorman was a brilliant and talented self taught artist and collector who attracted, acquired and expected beautiful things; objects, friendships, food, and of course women. He was my friend for the past ten years but I was a new friend because held on to friendships for decades. His oldest friend goes back to kindergarten at Poe Elementary.

Dorman was a collector who was ahead of his time with great vision and aesthetic. He loved to buy/ trade and make deals- big deals with the big boys. He loved to make the news too and he did it well.

My favorite thing about Dorman was his humor; I think this was his best attribute. Once, Dorman literally made me laugh so hard I cried. I am happy to say I could make him laugh too, even in the end. When those handsome firemen were doting on him on our way to the hospital I said “Dorman look at all this male attention you are getting- I’m jealous!” He smiled and chuckled pretty well for us that that day.

As Dorman approached the end of his life, he liked to share lots of stories about his past. He constantly reminded me how much good he did- all good things and nothing bad. Dorman wasn't  much of a religious man but I think this was his way of buying his ticket to heaven and by far his biggest deal ever. Rest in Peace Dorman, You will be missed. 


Man vs Urban said...

Sarah great telling of the tale.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know him, but now I miss him. Beautiful tribute Sarah.