Monday, November 1, 2010

Agora Fire

News of the Agora coffeeshop fire was over the Halloween weekend was so sad to hear. We were just there with our good friend Costa Kaldis on Saturday. We all shared about how great the place was to hang out in, it's Costa's favorite place. The upstairs seating area was especially cool. The broken cheap Greek sculptures fit right into the scene behind the palm tree- it felt like we were on a European vacation.
I remember when they first built the place, I used to get my hair done across the street. We watched the owners and workers plug away on the fixing up the coffee shop just the way they wanted it. It seemed like it took months maybe a year or more for them to finish the place, and in one day it's gone.
I sure hope those charming Greek owners had insurance because we just can't lose another cool independent business like The Agora. Houston has lost Cactus Records, The Angelica, so many video stores are gone for good and now The Agora. Are we all now forced to drive through Starbucks as we contemplate what movie we have in our queue on Netflix? I sure hope not...