Thursday, May 27, 2010

Frost Town Houston

Dimitri and I took a trip downtown last weekend to honor our good friend Kirk Farris and all his hard work in the past and future restoring James Bute Park/Frost Town Historic Site. What a treat to see so many local historians, celebrities and artists visit the place that was once a six block subdivision called Frost Town, circa 1891, for the dedication of a Texas Historical Marker.

Kelley Gale Amen contributed a beautiful park bench made of Texas Fossil Stone, and there were many special speakers including Robert S. Frost, an actual descendant of Frost town, and Sylvia Garcia. It turned out to be a very special day commemorating this unique historical Houston destination. Pictures from the event are linked in the title Frost Town Houston above.

I never heard Kirk say this before but on this day he mentioned that he would like to see the park include a historical home or homes like the Heritage Society Park Downtown Houston which I think is a fabulous idea. Even if it started with one home that was treated like a museum showing the history of Frost town, this would be a great start. 

Congratulations to Kirk in helping us remember and acknowledge this special historic site. If it wasn’t for Kirk’s interest and passion to revisit this area, none of us would know this neighborhood ever existed. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I grew up on the 2100 block of Tangley. We played outside in the neighborhood and ran around in and out of each other’s houses all the time. Nobody locked their doors, we looked out for each other, everyone knew each other and we all felt safe. Sadly, things aren’t the same today- leaving doors unlocked nowaday's is unheard of.

Tangley is one of the nicest streets in Southampton and Southampton is one of the best neighborhoods in Houston. What we didn’t realize in the old days and often forget now is that anything can happen behind closed doors even if we are in a nice neighborhood and our houses are locked and securely bolted up.

The recent turn of events I link in the "Tangley" title above remind me no matter how nice our neighborhoods are, domestic violence can lurk within our homes and our enemy might be sitting right next to us. I am sad for the loss of Janet McAfee and Ken's injuries, but the two remind me the importance of nurturing friends and family because this is what matters most for all of us.