Friday, August 21, 2009

Wilshire Village Resident

I dropped by Wishire Village last week and met Mr. Lenoir Josey who says he remembers living at Wilshire Village as a very young child. Lenoir spoke very fondly of Wilshire Village and came to salvage something from the building as a momento. So with his hard hat on he snuck behind the fence to see what he could find that looked familiar. He broke off a piece of sheetrock painted powder blue which he believed was the original paint job color of his bedroom. He also claimed a piece of white brick from the outside. He said his parents had photographs of the grounds when all the trees and landscaping were young. He remebered a lot about Wilshire Village and was happy to bring his family to see the place before it was totally demolished. It would be really something to see the grounds so long ago when the trees were young.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I had fun Shooting group shots of Jones McClure Publishing for their Facebook profile. I had even more fun creating a fan page for It's All About You here in Houston. Facebook offers great opportunities for businesses to promote their product. Here I can set up your account and provide you with photos videos and more. Who needs an expensive static website when all you need is a Vibrant Fan Page on Facebook full of robust ever changing content! Click on the Facebook Title to this blog to see and example of a fan page I made for Shauna at It's All About You Houston. Call or e-mail to get you started!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Daily Demolition Report: Building

Daily Demolition Report: Building Offset

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I found a refrence to Tangley's tear down here on Swamplot which is a fun real estate blog that covers lots of cool topics.

People at Tangley

This is one of my parents in front of the house on Tangley back in the early 80's. Its kinda spookey at first but they were jet lagged and tired. They had just returned from a vacation in Hawaii the night before but I had a portrait assignmnet at school and they were the easiest models for me to use so they let me.Click on the title "People at Tangley to see some more pictures of people at Tangley.