Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tear Down or Keeper?

I always wonder and predict how the inside of people’s houses look especially when I walk around the neighborhood and try and peak in their windows. This is a house on our street recently listed on HAR and OMG the photos were worse than I expected.

I think it’s great to stay fit and watch our weight but seeing the “healthometer” scale facing you might not be the ideal way to wake up every morning- and if you are trying to sell your house I think this bedroom photo of the healthometer scale, along with the prescription medication on the nightstand are the kinds of things we could move out of the frame- it sort of takes away from the ambiance and charm of the house.

Location is everything and this is a great one but really, it might sell better without the photos for lot value. I do love the portrait of the sweet couple at the headboard I wish them all the best in their next move. If I lived in this house I would certainly keep that portrait and I hope they do too, but when I look at all the photos and consider the location it’s hard to call this house “a keeper”. So many of us end up finding ourselves in this same predicament, even when we keep it updated. We simply outlive our houses.

A family friend told me last night that the people of the “old south” would tear down their house before they sold the land to keep their memories. I think this is what these owners should do- keep the portrait, ditch the scale, have a couple of margaritas and move on- yes?

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