Monday, July 16, 2012

Last Night at Fiesta

We all knew that Fiesta on Dunlavy would close and eventually be torn down but loyal shoppers like myself were in denial. So when Dimitri threw out the idea that we should visit the store for their last night open I didn't want to go. We shopped there daily for years. I remember when it was an Safeway and an Apple Tree but when Fiesta took over they really made the whole shopping experience so much fun. They had the best music, (where else can you shop while listening to Simon and Garfunkel?) The employees were so friendly and they had great inventory. They had this one section I liked to call the groovy section where you could buy essential oils, all natural cleaners and Homeopathic Tinctures. Anyway so I went with do to say goodbye to and we gathered up a few of our friends for a group photo. It was sad but I am glad we went. The big question is where do we shop now and will there ever be another store like Fiesta? RIP Fiesta on Dunlavy.We will always remember you.

Last Night at Fiesta 


Merrymac said...

We shopped today at the Fiesta on Wheeler at San Jacinto. We had not been in that store for over 15 years. It is much better than it used to be. They have wine selections (but alas no Barry) and better beer selections also, but it's all cold beer. We found almost all of the items we were looking for and the prices are the same. We were pleasantly surprised. Now we just need to get to know the people; I hope they are as friendly. The downside to this is that we have to cross Main St and the rail line.

MMHansen said...

this makes me very sad. I shopped there every week for years. and the music sound track was so 50s and 60s. loved the produce department. so sorry to see this one go.