Saturday, October 29, 2011

"When Americans hide behind a mask, anything can happen.”

I attended and graduated from a small private K-12 school in Houston called Awty International back in the 80’s. I graduated with 8 other people. The school was so small I was able to take part in pretty much any activity I wanted to; cheerleading, soccer, and my favorite, photographer and editor of our yearbook. 

Halloween is my favorite holiday and NPR is my favorite radio station. I love Halloween, everyone has a chance to be creative and reinvent themselves.This year, NPR called out for submissions of vintage  Halloween photos, so I searched my archive for the oldest photos I could find from my days at Awty. I found some and submitted my series to their site. To my delight, NPR chose a photo from my series and posted it on their website (#3 of 13) title
boys in costume

Of my series, the photo I liked most was the boy dressed as Pac Man,but that might be because I was totally hooked on Pac Man- still am today when I have enough quarters at Agora. NPR chose another one of the series which now that they mention it, their choice is probably the best of the bunch. Anyway I thought I would share them all together here, maybe you can tell me your favorites.

Happy Halloween!