Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Montrose HEB

Giant tarps cover the activity going on at the soon to be fabulous HEB in Montrose and now our local tree huggers have expressed their anger with some pretty unoriginal looking graffiti. They want to boycott HEB and have referred to the developers as “greedy” despite their promise to have all the trees they remove replanted throughout the neighborhood. 

The hippie effort seems a little lame. The time for action to was two years ago when Wilshire Village was still standing and salvageable, so at this stage of the game we should ask ourselves does anybody REALLY care? 

I talked to a rich hippie at Whole Foods about it the other day and he was a part of the failed plan to make the property into a vegetable co-op. I couldn’t talk to him too long because he smelled like he was also a member of the group who boycott deodorant, but anyway the point is that it’s just too late for anybody to be complaining.

HEB offers us new trees and more choices of quality foods that we just can’t refuse. I love Fiesta and will continue to shop there but I will also shop at HEB for things I can’t get at Fiesta, and others will do the same. When it’s all said and done, my guess is that stinky hippie will be sneaking in HEB just like the rest of us for all the fresh prepared foods and hopefully some of that fancy all natural deodorant.

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Anonymous said...

i live two blocks from the heb site. not only will it overly congest the already busy streets around the area, it's going to drive fiesta out of business. not everyone opposed to the plan is a dirty hippie.