Monday, March 9, 2009

Idas House

This is a photo doc I did of my Aunt Idas house for the family before they sold it. I drove by the other day and the new owners have done the most amazing things to this house- I'd love to see it again now but from the outside, it looks like they enhanced all the best features of the house.


stephen Goetzmann said...


Cousin stephen, That house used to frighten me but in a good way. I felt at home and safe but a little unsettled. I brought out a confusion and subtly.

I was wondering if you were going to Johnna 80th

Anonymous said...

love to see the photo itself but that was a distinct impression of that house and the bairds

sarah photo blog said...

Thanks Stephen- Yes I plan to be at Johnna's 80th- I hope to see you there!