Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Floyd Newsum Spotting on Ferndale

Over the weekend, Dimitri and I were driving home on Ferndale as we passed by two guys walking across the street with a very familiar piece of art. I said “Wait a minute, back up- I know this work!” So Dimitri backed up for me to ask “Hey is that a “Floyd Newsum?” They happily confirmed yes- this was sure enough a Floyd Newsum piece of art. It was such a coincidence because I have been working on some promotional photos/collages of Floyd and there he is again right in front of me on my very own street.

All I had was my I Phone but at least I was able to document it somehow. I made the guys pose for me but the piece was so huge I didn’t want to delay them any more to ask them where they were off to and what they were doing.

Maybe these guys were neighbors exchanging art, maybe they were moving across the street, maybe I’ll never know. All I know is this was the first time and probably the only time I will ever stumble upon and recognize artist’s work while driving down my own street!

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