Wednesday, October 14, 2009

West Ave

As much as I like snooping and photographing old Wilshire Village I must move forward and recognize all these fabuolus new luxury apartments being built out there. I shot this for Apartment guide not too long ago and was really impressed especially with the rooftop pool and common kitchen/lounge area.

Plus Dimitri and I finally figured out why they call it West Ave- They didn't just make it up because the name sounded good- The apartments were built on a street called West Ave which no longer exists now. West Ave has totally transformed Kirby and word is this is just the begining as far as construction on Upper Kirby goes. We used to hang out there in High school at a neat old burger place called Ziggies and play Ms Packman all day- Who would think 20 years later there would be luxury apartments with IPod stations in every room. Times sure have changed.


Man vs Urban said...

Great photo of rooftop pool, this city really has changed. Forget Wilshire Village and soggy french fries, I want infinity pools and work out rooms.

sarah photo blog said...

yep get with the program man