Friday, August 21, 2009

Wilshire Village Resident

I dropped by Wishire Village last week and met Mr. Lenoir Josey who says he remembers living at Wilshire Village as a very young child. Lenoir spoke very fondly of Wilshire Village and came to salvage something from the building as a momento. So with his hard hat on he snuck behind the fence to see what he could find that looked familiar. He broke off a piece of sheetrock painted powder blue which he believed was the original paint job color of his bedroom. He also claimed a piece of white brick from the outside. He said his parents had photographs of the grounds when all the trees and landscaping were young. He remebered a lot about Wilshire Village and was happy to bring his family to see the place before it was totally demolished. It would be really something to see the grounds so long ago when the trees were young.

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