Sunday, May 18, 2008

Samuel May Williams House

What a treat it was to photograph "the oldest residential house in Galveston" My client/designer Jannele Thomson invited me to photograph her work at the top floor of the house pictured here. The Galveston Historical Foundation will be offering home tours this weekend and the best part is they ware looking to lease it for a mear 1,800 per month!


wcl said...

Beautiful interior, beautiful photgraph. Wish you would have signed me up for the rental; that would have taken the suspense out of my decision about where to live. wcl

dan said...

Is this house still standing?

sarah photo blog said...

i just heard from the designer and she says the house looks fine. she had to go down there in november and drove past the house to see if it held up and she says From the outside it looks like
it did ok. thnaks for the note!