Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

When my parents and I went on our annual Memorial Day gravesite vist, we dropped by the oldest cemetary in Houston. There are lots of Texas war heroes buried here, but what I was most drawn to was how many stones just said "unknown" and what struck me was that these "unknowns" are likely to be just as heroic or more as the others.

We all seeem to seek more and more recognition in life and it seems that we just die trying, but does any of all that really matter in the end? I think there's a little more to life than all the purple hearts, medals and glory.
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Here is a weird little tidbit- I found this great anagram solver site this morning linked below-
My favorite anagram for Unknown is Known Nu


grandmagg said...

Oh Sarah! What a wonderful thought for the day. Life does make a difference - whose ever it is! Thanks for reminding me of this.

I am so proud of you!

Aunt Charlene

sarah photo blog said...

aunt charlene how totally cool of you for figuring all this web stuff out- i'm proud of you too! you have always and will always be so young at heart!
thanks for the comment!

wcl said...

Fortunately many of the "Unknowns" were not unknown to their contemporaries. A striking example is Levi Laurens, reporter for the House of Representatives of the Republic of Texas, who was killed in a duel in Houston in June 1837 and buried in what today is called Founders Cemetery. His death was widely grieved; Ashbel Smith a prominent friend of Sam Houston, led the mourners and promised not just a marker but a sculpture of the young man! Today we find no monument and no marker -so where is Levi Laurens? - Is he in fact the man under he Unknown marker or was he later exhumed, as many were, and reburied? Maybe in Washington Cemetery or the Jewish Cemtery adjoining Founders. Shall we look for Levi Laurens?

sarah photo blog said...

im up for it absolutely yes lets look!